A Day In The Life…Gettysburg Battlefield Visitor

A Day In The Life of …

… A Gettysburg Battlefield Visitor

Gettysburg National Military Park


This website has so much information about what to do and see at Gettysburg, I am not even going to try to match it with information in this blog.  Check it out and you’ll see it will give you information on Education classes, Ranger Programs, Then and Now pictures, Civil War timeline and much more.

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Gettysburg National Cemetery

A Day in the Life of …

… Of a Visitor to the Gettysburg National Cemetery

Very Close to the Gettysburg National Military Park’s Visitor Center is the Gettysburg Cemetery.  This is the final resting point for 3500 union soldiers killed in the battle of Gettysburg.

There are monuments throughout the cemetery and the battlefield dedicated to both the union and the Confederate soldiers.  Pictured below are a few of the monuments located in the cemetery.  There are many, many more to see.

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