Hillsville Virginia Flea Market

A day in the Life…

… Of a Non- Flea Market Shopper

We are currently work camping at an R V  resort near Hillsville, Virginia.  Twice a year this little town of about 2700 people hosts a flea market. The first one is Memorial Day weekend. The second one is Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t find stats on the Memorial Day weekend, but I read that the Labor Day weekend had approximately 500,000 visitors.   Memorial Day looked to be about a third the size of this one. This event is billed as one of the largest events on the East Coast. Local hotels and campgrounds for miles around are booked full.

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Freemont Street

A Day in the Life…

…Of a tourist to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and one who has experienced THE Freemont Street of Las Vegas.

I have this post and one more from our trip to Las Vegas.  I  think, if you make the trip sometime, these are some things you don’t want to miss.

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More about Vegas

A day in the life of…

…  a Vegas visitor

Getting around Vegas isn’t hard if you leave your car at home. In the previous post, I told you we stayed in downtown Las Vegas. From the airport, there are many ways to get to your hotel. Some of the hotels have their own shuttle that will come to pick you up. Ours did not. There are taxis available and there is another bus line that has several shuttles that will hold about 20 people and stops at various hotels.  This is the one we took to our hotel. You can buy a pass for that bus line right as you exit the airport door for Ground Transportation. I think it cost about $20.  It’s less expensive than a cab but it takes you longer to get to your hotel.  For us, that was fine because we had never been there before and we enjoyed the tour.

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Las Vegas

A day in the life of a…

non-gambler and non-drinker visiting Las Vegas for the first time.

So, why go to Vegas. Isn’t the point of going to gamble,  lose money and drink a lot?  Well, it doesn’t have to be. We had never been there before but I’ve always wanted to see what it was like and see what these casinos and hotels we’ve heard so much about actually look like. We were there about 5 days so I’m going to share some of what we saw and post some pictures in the next few blogs.

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Billy Graham Library

A Day in the Life of …

…A Work Camper on Vacation

We had a Southwest credit that we had to use before October so we took a few days and flew somewhere we’ve never been before -Las Vegas, Nevada. We decided to stay in Charlotte the night before our flight since we were scheduled to leave fairly early the next morning and before we could go we had to drop Sarge off at the boarding place and we were taking the motorhome in for a couple minor repairs and oil change.  We arrived at our hotel a little early the day of our reservation. Online I found a list of free things to do in Charlotte since we had several hours to kill. We hadn’t even thought about the Billy Graham Library until I saw it listed there. Turned out it was only about a 10-minute drive from our hotel. I think I was expecting a small museum full of some books and pictures but this was so much more than that!  The word Library doesn’t seem to describe this place as I understand the word Library.  It’s located on Billy Graham’s boyhood home. The first building we entered was the home on the farm where he grew up.  After touring that you go out the back door to the “barn”. As you can see from the picture, this is more than a barn.

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Visit to Salvage Dawgs

A day in the Life of…

…a touring work camper

Last week we had some friends come and stay a couple days with us in our motorhome here at Lake Ridge R V resort in Hillsville, Virginia. It was kind of a rainy, dreary day here so we took a couple hours and went to check out Salvage Dawgs at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, Virginia

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