…Of a new blogger.  Today, I’m starting my first blog.  It’s called “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A…” because the day of our life keeps changing, as anyone’s does. Today, A DAY IN THE LIFE …may be a new blogger, the wife of a man who just underwent a very serious surgery, tomorrow a House Parent of 8-10 foster kids, next week it could be the day in the life of a grandmother, followed by a traveler or RV work camper.

I chose WordPress to use to start the blog and the first thing that showed up on the site was the introduction … The Journey Begins. 

Our Journey actually began several years ago.  My husband of 46 years, Dave, and I both just retired…kinda. He will be surprised  I actually remembered how many years we’ve been married. I usually have to ask him.  We started life together fairly young by today’s standards and we think we’ve done alright. We have two great sons that are doing well and have families of their own. We’re not exactly where we thought we’d be at this age, but who is? There are lots of things we wanted to do and planned to do that didn’t happen or haven’t happened yet, but I heard someone say one time, You can do anything you want to do, you just can’t do EVERYTHING you want to do.  For one thing, there just isn’t time. For another, if you’re doing one thing that means you’re not doing something else.  But, we keep moving and keep finding more and more interesting things to do and do together.

One thing I’m doing now is starting a blog. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a couple years. I enjoy reading other blogs especially about the new adventures of other people, so today it starts.

Well, not actually today.  It’s going to take a few days to catch up. I started writing this while sitting in Dave’s hospital room after he had open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl.  And, I started writing it AS IF we had already given our notice at the foster home organization where we were working.

While sitting there, I started thinking about what it’s going to be like when we give our notice and wrote this as if that day was the Today mentioned below.

I also wrote several different pages for the next posts while I was sitting there. Some of these will seem a little out of order at first.  But as of today, actually today, I have 3 more days of employment as a house parent.  Many things I will miss and some I will not.

So Here goes.  I hope you find these posts interesting.

Today, is the day we gave notice to “quit” our full-time jobs. We’ve been working as house parents for anywhere from 8-10 kids for about 3 years now.  We started with one organization with all boys and are ending with another organization that has sibling groups.

Giving notice mean’s it’s been a tense, but exciting day.  Through the years I’ve had several different jobs and I’ve always been a little anxious about giving notice. We want to leave on good terms. We like the people we work with.  People have been very good to us. But it always creates a hardship for them to find a replacement for us and cover for us until they do.

Notice has been given now. They were very gracious and understanding. There’s always a shortage of house parents. I’ll write about A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A …HOUSEPARENTS probably a few times in the upcoming blogs.

Starting a blog is a little tense and exciting too.  Who wants to read what I write? Well, I guess I’ll find out.   How do I get it started?  How do people know about it?  I googled starting a blog and I asked some friends on facebook. Even found out I have a brother in law that is a successful blogger,(along with everything else he does!). So, I’m going to take their information and what I’ve been able to find through searches and reading other blogs and learn as I go. Probably making some mistakes, I’m sure.

I plan to update my blog one to two times a week so I hope you plan to follow me or become a subscriber.

Today’s a short one for a starter.    See you the next time!