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I haven’t posted much on the blog lately. Mostly because right now we’re stationary and not much has been happening related to RVing.

Our motorhome has 8 tires. And I think they were the original ones.

When we had the blow or on the way to D C we had four of them replaced. Since they’re so expensive, we were waiting to replace the other four until we got back to Florida. On the way back to Florida, after spending a month in North Carolina, we had another blow out. The tire company that came to take care I’d is on the side of the road, only had two, so that’s all we could get replaced that time. We just had the last two replaced this last week . The manager said he had to order the tires so they all matched and he was surprised how much they cost. Together the two cost over $800. But now we have 8 matching tires and all almost new so that’s good.

The other RV related issue we recently had was in our shower. Thanks to recommendations from the Workcamper Facebook group we were able to get that fixed fairly quickly. The shower is basically made out of plastic, I think. There’s about 8 inches between the shower floor and the bathroom floor. The plumbing and the drain is in that space and it’s shored up with 2×4s. While stepping out of the shower once day, I noticed a hairline crack in the floor. Right away I’m thinking “How are we going to get this fixed?!”, Where?? And is this going do be a costly fix. After trying to figure this out for a day or two, I thought about the RV groups we’re a part of and I posted on the workcamping one. Apparently, this is not that uncommon. Several people responded with solutions they used, as well as some things not to use. The best advice was to do something now even if it’s temporary and don’t use the shower until you do. We found a product called Peel and Stick that is good for showers, pool liners, skylights and other things. So that’s what we used. Dave had it fixed and shored up more in less than an hour and we were able to use the shower the next day.

There’s always something to maintain, repair or that you want to change when you’re full- time in an RV. It’s really helpful when you have others to check in with to see if anyone else has had the same issues. I’m part of workcamper dreamers, RV Humor and Escapees. I’m sure there’s more. I’m sure you can Google RV groups to find more.

I’ve written before about some of the places we’ve visited and the campgrounds we’ve stayed at. Since we’re going to be here, at this KOA in Milton for awhile, and not much is changing, I’ll be writing about some of the places we’ve visited around here as well as some random things.

So, see you next time.


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