R V Life – Tips for when you’re moving down the road

Here’s some RV helpful hints I’ve been reading about as well as some things we’ve discovered on our own through our travels that I think you’ll find helpful when your RV is moving . These are good for both travel trailers and motorhomes.

On TV, or in the movies, you may see people traveling down the road moving around or cooking in the RV. There’s a famous scene in the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez film called the Long, Long Trailer where Lucy is cooking in the travel trailer while Desi is driving. As expected, she ends up with more food all over her and the trailer than on their dinner plates. And you may see a scenes on TV showing Dad driving down the road and Mom gets up, opens the refrigerator and starts making sandwiches. In reality, this will not work. EVERYTHING moves around when you’re moving down the road, so it’s a good idea if you don’t move around too much.

Usually when we’re driving we try to just have sandwiches ready and CAREFULLY open the refrigerator and grab them out before everything else falls out. Refrigerator handles have push buttons on them that you have to push before you can open the door. That keeps them from flying open and everything flying out. It’s too dangerous to even think about using the stove while we’re moving. We turn off the water heater, but we do keep the refrigerator on so everything stays cold and nothing thaws out. I read recently where some people set their plugged in crock pot in the sink and dinner is cooking while they’re traveling. I think I’ll try that the next time we on a trip.

Things in the refrigerator will move around too. When we buy eggs we usually buy either a 6 pack of eggs or cut a 12 egg carton of eggs in half. By doing that we can tuck the eggs in next to something else and keep them snuggled up tight so they don’t slide around. We place items in the door trays close together so they don’t move around and bang into each other. And we try to fit as much as we can in the drawers.

I wanted to put in some pictures of things we’ve done and some of the products we use in the motorhome. Since most of them came from Amazon. I put in the link for the products we use. The disclaimer is that if you click on the link and buy something we may get a referral fee.

When we get ready to move, Dave usually gets everything unhooked and secured outside. Meanwhile I’m securing everything inside. We use velcro or command strips on anything we have hanging on the walls so it stays tight. We have velcro on the edges of our curtains so we can velcro them to the edges of the windows to keep them from swaying all around. I used command hooks to hang up a shoe holder that we use to hold all kinds of small items.

Here’s what it looks like hanging up. Most of the time, we unhook it and lay it on the bed when we’re moving so if we do bounce around everything doesn’t fall out.

Anything on the bathroom countertop has to go in the cabinet under the counter, in the sink or on the floor of the shower. Anything on the shower shelf has to go on the shower floor. The shower doors have a hook on them so that we can secure them. If we don’t, they rattle and bang into each other. And, the sliding doors have hooks on them so they don’t go sliding back and forth and bang into the door frames as we go down the road.

The cabinet doors close tightly, so we just need to remember to make sure we completely close them and remember to open them slowly or we’ll have stuff all over. We know that one from experience. R V drawers are made so that you have to lift them up before you can pull them out. We usually always remember to close them tightly before we go anywhere. That reminds me about this. One time we were going down the interstate and a driver in the next lane, kept waving at us and pointing to the side of the RV. Dave had forgotten to close one of the outside storage compartments so it was wide open. Surprisingly, nothing fell out.

As they always tell you on an airplane, “Be careful when you open the overhead compartments. Things shift during travel”. Well, so do things in RV cabinets. We found these handy double cupboard bars. The bars twist out to fit your cabinet size. The pictures always show them being used horizontal. One of our cabinets is too wide, but I discovered they can be used vertical too. So put those in your cabinets. You’ll be glad you did.

Command Strips and Command hooks both secure several things for us. We have a surge protector strip on the ledge beside the table. We have that secured with command strips. We have a picture on the wall secured by comand strips.

We use the heavy duty plastic plates and bowls for everyday dishes so we don’t worry about those breaking when we travel. Be we do have some glass dishes and a set of crystal glasses. I keep the crystal glasses wrapped in dish towels until we want to use them. I did find a hint about putting kuzies over glasses to keep them from banging in to each other and breaking. That seems like a good idea.

I always take our computers and the printer and anything else that could slide around and break and set them in the middle of our bed with pillows around them. So far, none of those have fallen off.

As we learn of new things, I’ll post them and if you have any ideas on things we may have not thought of, put it in comments and I’ll pass it on in another blog sometime.

See you next time.


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