If you want to have a vehicle available to drive when you’re parked at a campground or boondocking there are a few options. If you’re pulling a travel trailer or 5th wheel, you just unhook your RV and you’re good to go . If you’re driving a vehicle separately from your motorhome; no issue, your vehicle is right there. If you’re in a motorhome like we are, you’ll be towing something to drive. That vehicle is the “Toad”.

We prefer not to drive our car separate unlike our friends at They prefer to drive their vehicle separately as a chase vehicle.

If you choose to tow your vehicle, there are several things you need to know. There are two options – 4 wheels down or using a tow dolly. BUT, which you CAN use depends on your vehicle. I guess you could trailer your car too but then that adds extra weight that you’re pulling with your motorhome so that may not be the best option. But that one is up to you.

First off.  With a tow dolly, it’s always the front wheels that go on the dolly. Never the rear wheels.

It has to be a front wheel drive to use the tow dolly. If your car is not front wheel drive there are a few things you can do such as disconnecting the differential, putting the car in neutral and tying the steering wheel so it doesn’t move. The battery also has to be disconnected. So this type vehicle is better towed 4 wheels down.

If your vehicle is front wheel drive you cannot tow it 4 wheels down. All wheel drive vehicles have to have the rear wheels disconnected to be put on the tow dolly.

To find out what you need for your vehicle if it’s going to be towed, check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you’re using a tow dolly, there are different models and price ranges you can choose from, but they are all basically the same. Some have hydraulic brakes. All have a maximum weight between 4000-5000 pounds.

There have to be ramps to drive your vehicle’s front two wheels up on it. Some doliies have the ramps attached. Some ramps you have to stow.

You’ll need to have a good set of wheel straps that wrap around the tires and secure the vehicle to the dolly along with cables that attach to the vehicle and the dolly.  And, you need the safety chains that hook from your motorhome to the dolly. When you hook the chains from the dolly to the motorhome, they should be crossed. That way if the hitch comes undone, it will fall onto the chains and not dig into the pavement and possibly flip .

I didn’t put the links here but there are lots of YouTube videos you can watch for more information and you can get more info from the RV and dolly dealers.

Now, if you have a vehicle you can tow 4 wheels down, you’ll need a different setup. Four wheels down is also called flat towing, dingy towing or toading.

Flat towing looks like this.

This is a picture from Blue Ox website of what a flat tow pkg looks like . There’s more information on their website that you can find at

Again, in order to determine if your vehicle can be flat towed you should check the manufacturer’s guidelines. I’ve been researching many websites and they all say the same thing – Check the owner’s manual or the dealer.

I’ve been reading that cars with manual transmissions are easier to tow, because you just hook them up and they roll on all four wheels. Since we don’t tow this way, I don’t know much about how to use this type of tow equipment. I have found these guides that seem to be helpful. and

So that’s it on toading. I hope you found this informational. Next, I think I’m going to write about Boondocking.

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