North Carolina

It’s a rainy day today in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Lakewood RV resort has some nice amenities. The pool, shuffleboard, and the planned activities don’t start until their busy season starts; the end of May. There are several park models owned by people who live here full time.   See the link below for a description and pictures of park models). They’ve managed to plan several activities on their own. They’ve scheduled Mexican Train one evening a week and something called nickel bingo that does not involve bingo cards. The lady in the camper next to us who spends her winters here and summers in Pennsylvania was telling us about this. We saw some things posted on the bulletin board but not sure if they were happening now or later in the year. We might check it out. There was also a sign-up sheet for Easter dinner that was already 2 pages long.

We found the library, the dining room, the pool table, and the fitness room that we’ve visited it a couple times already.

Surfing the web one day I ran across something about geocaching so I did the logical thing and checked it out on YouTube. I found this great video with everything I needed to know to decide I wanted to go geocaching. I downloaded the Android app and we got started. It was a slow start for us because we couldn’t find our first two. But after that, we were 3 for 4. We found it to be a good way to get out as well as discovering more of the area. Here’s the geocache video if you want to check it out.

Our son and his family live about half an hour from this campground so we get to visit them frequently. Our daughter in law signed us up for a couple of the free classes offered by the Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education. The center is located in the Pisgah National Forest. At the center, they have a Trout hatchery they use to stock miles of river throughout the forest. The two classes we’ve taken so far were an introduction to fly fishing and one called “Backyard Birding by Ear for Beginners “. The birding one taught us how to identify the birds just from their sounds. In the fly fishing class, we were taught how to rig the pole, tie flies, land, and cast. After a little more classroom time, we put on waders and boots and with a volunteer trout fisherman, we headed to the river and practiced what we learned. Even tho’ I just missed catching a couple fish, I decided this was something I could enjoy doing more often.

With over 500,000 acres, numerous waterfalls, hundreds of trails and white water rivers Pisgah forest is a great place to visit. It’s also home of the first school of forestry in the United States which is now the preserved as the Cradle of Forestry historic site.

Brevard is the closest town and there a lot of people who keep summer homes in this area. It is a very cool little town with many unique shops, restaurants, music and art shops. It’s also home of the White Squirrel pictured at below.


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