Shorts and Flip Flops to Coats and Gloves

Shorts and Flip Flops to Coats and Gloves …. in one day!

We left Savannah yesterday morning. I was wearing shorts as we were “buttoning up” the motorhome. About 6 hours later we arrived in Flat Rock, North Carolina and I began thinking about where we put our heavy coats, sweats, and gloves.

“Buttoning Up the motorhome” means anything that is loose has to be secured along with bringing the slides in and disconnecting the water, sewer and electric. This all takes a little time. “Anything loose” includes pictures on the walls, toothbrushes on the bathroom counter, dishsoap and utensils on the kitchen counters. Look around your house. What do you see that could move around if you shook your house? All that has to be put away. We even have tension backets in our cupboards to keep items in there from shifting so that we don’t have an avalanche when we open the doors once we get parked.

We’re staying at Lakewood R V Resort in Flat Rock which is just a few miles from Hendersonville, North Carolina which is about 30 miles from Asheville, North Carolina. Our son and his family live in Pisgah Forest which is about 1/2 hour from here. This is the closest full-service campground we could find with a monthly rate. Most of the campgrounds nearer them are state or national campgrounds with limited facilities and a 14-day max stay. There are a few others but either they’re too expensive or not open yet.

Flat Rock is a cute historic village dating back to the time when the Cherokee met on the Great Flat Rock. It’s also the site of the great Poet and Writer, Carl Sandburg. More about Flat Rock is in the link below.

We’ve visited the area a few times before with our son’s family. We plan to tour a little more this trip. This whole area is full of nature. There are numerous waterfalls and beautiful trails to walk. Parts of the Pisgah Forest has been used in movies such as The Last of the Mohicans, Hacksaw Ridge, and the Hunger Games.

Being full time in an R V requires major downsizing and being organized. We’ve been full time a year now and still don’t have this down.. At one time, we had two storage units. We’re down to one now and each time we’re back in Milton, we clean out a little more of that one.

Storage in the motorhome is limited. We’ve reorganized in here several times. Besides the basement storage under the motorhome, the largest open spot is under the bed. Most, if not all R Vs, have a hinge on the bed frame so you can raise the bed up and store the larger items under the bed. I believe that is where we put the container with our coats and gloves. That’s the first place I’m going to look anyway.

Our daughter in law has planned several “adventures” for us while we’re here. There are lots of free nature type things available in this area. The first two we’re signed up for this week are fly fishing and bird watching. The fly fishing is an introduction to fly fishing. They supply everything we need, except lunch, and teach us how to fly fish. I think the bird watching is identifying different birds by their sound. I’ll let you know how these go later.

Now, we’re going to find our coats and go check out Flat Rock and Hendersonville. We need to try to find a doggy day care and/or boarding place for Sarge. We can’t leave him all day in the motorhome when we’re out on these different adventures.

One thing we’ve been trying to do with our work camping and traveling is taking advantage of all that the different areas have to offer. Or at least as much as we can. Sarge is doing his part too. He gets to stay at boarding places in different areas. Since we’ve been traveling he’s visited at least 3 different veternarians and I think it’s been 5 different boarding places. He adapts pretty well. The only problem with him is although he loves people, he’s not real crazy about other dogs. Sometimes, he gets along fine and other times he snaps at them. Not sure what that’s about.

We really enjoyed Savannah and our stay at CreekFire Motor Ranch in Savannah. Now, I’m looking forward to Flat Rock and later our return to Milton, Florida.

I post more about our time here in future posts.

See ya later,

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