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I haven’t posted for a while. We’ve been busy.

Savannah has a huge St Patrick’s celebration. Second only to Chicago. Every hotel, big or small, and every campground, big or small has been booked solid since this time last year. The hours at CreekFire have been extended and the CreekFire to Savannah shuttle has started running. It now runs 3-4 times per day. The extended hours and the shuttle running means they need more people to work more hours. They’ve added a couple more work campers and some more employees so that helps some but since they’re new they are just learning and getting used to everything now. One work camper is leaving in a few days and since he is really knowledgeable he’s going to be sorely missed. It’s only going to leave Dave here who has maintenance experience until the others get up and running. I’ve driven the shuttle into Savannah a few times and took a couple of the new people in so they know the route and the pickup/drop off location. I found out that on the day of the parade most of the streets will be shut down and on that day, CreekFire is adding a few more shuttle times and renting a second shuttle to use. Since all the shuttles and buses going into Savannah will not be using the normal route and drop off location, we have a new route to learn. Should be interesting!

During the business of working a few more hours, we noticed our shower had a leak under the drain. What Dave said should have been a 5-minute fix took about 3 weeks. Good thing there are really nice showers here at this campground and they’re not too far from our site! Our motorhome and most of those built around the same time all used abs, the black PVC plumbing materials, instead of a white PVC. We needed a new ABS p-trap. After traveling to Lowes and Home Depot, several camper stores, several mobile home suppliers and ordering parts online we still couldn’t find the ABS p-trap and size adapter we needed. We understood that you could not mix black ABS products with white PVC ones because the glue that has to be used won’t hold both plastics. We talked to a retired plumber who told us they could be mixed now and Dave even called Coachmen to see what could be done. It took a couple calls to Coachmen to get through to the right person but when he called back he was helpful. Dave finished the project using both ABS and PVC. It was so hard for him to work on this in a small R V bathroom with about an 8 inch opening under the drain. But he persevered and got it done.

Meanwhile, I was working on curtains and valances. The blind over our couch didn’t work right and they all looked pretty dated so I decided to recover the valances and replace the blinds with curtains. In between working on the shower, Dave removed the valances and once I got them recovered he put them back up. I finally finished the 3 windows today. Here’s before and after pictures and of the windows.

And the current project is in the bathroom again. With the shower leak, we noticed some black spots we could see through the vinyl flooring. We figured the leak probably caused some mold to grow. So Dave cut the bathroom vinyl floor out. He treated and dried the wood flooring. The next step is to pick out some more vinyl to put down and get a new toilet seal. He’ll need to remove the toilet in order to put the floor down around it. He’s pulled toilets before, replaced the wax seal and reset the toilet so he knows how to do it BUT an RV toilet is different than a home toilet. This one you step on the pedal instead of pushing the handle to flush it. That probably makes no difference at all. Hopefully, that’s the only difference and this goes as easy as he thinks it will. Once the toilet is reset, he’ll cut out the rest of the vinyl around the shower and vanity and this project will be finished.

At the end of March, we’re leaving Savannah and heading to North Carolina for a month. After that back to workcamping in Florida for a few months. We just turned down a fall/winter work camping job in Albuquerque. We thought about going there until we found out how low the winter temperatures get and that they actually get snow that stays around for a little while. We about froze last winter so this year we’re looking for a warmer place to go.

We’re still touring Savannah a bit before we take off. Recently we visited a couple of places with our campground neighbors who happened to grow up here. We walked around on River Street a little and ate lunch at Tubby’s overlooking the river. And we went to the Springtime in the South craft show at the Civic Center and had lunch at the Savannah Crystal Beer Parlor. We’d recommend both of the restaurants. Good Food. Reasonable Price.

In my next post, I’ll post some grilling tin foil recipes that were recommended to us and we’ve found to be very good. AND, more importantly, quick and easy to make.

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