Working, Touring and Movies filmed in Savannah

We arrived at our work camping site near Savannah on January 2, so we’ve been here now a little over 6 weeks. We’ve got about 6 more weeks to go before we move on to our next location. But, while we’re here I want to see everything Savannah has to offer! We went to Savannah again last week for a part of the day with a traveling nurse we met that’s also staying here at the campground while she’s working here for a couple months. We enjoyed walking around the downtown squares again. I still have a few more things to tell you about Savannah but it will probably be in the next post.

One thing I have to remind myself about work camping is that it does mean you’re supposed to work, too. Even though we choose where we want to go and we get to tour and enjoy the area, we did commit to work X number of hours each week. I’ve been averaging about 23 hours a week. Dave’s been working about the same, maybe a little more. We work in exchange for our campsite as well as pay for hours over an agreed amount of work time.

When we arrived here, they just had lost two housekeepers so they asked me to work in housekeeping for a while. I did that for a few weeks and still help out in housekeeping now as needed. I called Bingo one night and lately, I’ve been making some marketing calls and doing some mailings. Yesterday I put together an activities guidebook with some age-specific craft projects and games. I included the cost, the price I think they should charge for some of the crafts and the “how to”.  I think this will be helpful in planning future activities and events.

This is not the busiest time of the year for this R V Resort even though almost every night it looks like most of the campsites are full. But looking around, the next day most of them have pulled out. We’re located about a mile off the interstate and that makes it an easy overnight stop for the big rig motorhomes on their way to or from their next or last stop.

I would like to see them start having regularly scheduled activities now rather than wait until summer. But, if they choose not to, I just remind myself I’m only here for a short time and let it go. That’s something that takes a little bit to get used to. Unlike a regular full-time job, I don’t have a vested interest in trying to improve the company.

We’ve been doing this for a little while now and in talking with other workcampers, we all sometimes see the way some things are done, or not done, Shake our Heads, and say “Oh well, We’re only here for a short time”. One thing too, we have to learn not to do is compare one manager or team to another. One may be really good and another struggling. But, again, we’re only here for a short time!

Next time I’ll tell you more about some of the other places we’ve visited here in Savannah and the area. But here’s something now I thought was pretty cool. I’m sure you know by now I think Savannah is a very cool place and a very pretty city. Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is located here. That may have a little to do with how the city looks and all the movies that have been made here and on Tybee Island which is just off the coast of Savannah.

The bench Forest Gump sat on in Chippewa square was moved inside the museum at the visitors center because it was creating a traffic jam with so many people getting their pictures with it. The gazebo Burt Reynolds gave the city from the movie Gator is sitting in Wright Square. And, I’m sure there are more cool things from the movies filmed here.  

Here’s a list I was able to find of 35 movies that were filmed here. Now, I want to watch some of them again to see if I can pick out some landmarks.

  • 2019  Gemini Man
  • 2018  The Beach House
  • 2017  Love at the Shore
  • 2017 Baywatch
  • 2017 Gifted
  • 2015 Magic Mike XXL
  • 2015  Dirty Grandpa
  • 2015 Sponge Bob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
  • 2010  The Last Song
  • 1998  The Gingerbread Man
  • 1997 Wild America
  • 1976 Gator
  • 1989 Glory
  • 1997  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  • 1995  Now and Then 
  • 1995 Something to Talk About
  • 1994 Forest Gump
  • No date given – The Poison Rose
  • 2019 –Back Trace
  • 2017 Southern Charm Savannah
  • 2016 The Do Over
  • 2013 CBGB
  • 2012 Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies
  • 2012 X Men: First Class
  • 2010 The Conspirators
  • 1999 The General’s Daughter
  • 1999  Forces of Nature
  • 1988 Return of the Swamp Thing
  • 1986  Pals
  • 1979 The Double McGuffin
  • 1979  Hopscotch
  • 1978 The Great Santini
  • 1977 The Lincoln Conspiracy
  • 1974 The Longest Yard
  • 1973 Distance

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