We’re here now. Where’s the…?

We arrived in Savannah at the new work camping site. As you may already know, our 10-year-old Weimaraner travels with us. Since we don’t want to miss out on exploring the area, one of the first things we do is look for a dog boarding place. This is helpful to have so we can enjoy the new location, use daycare if we’re going to have a long day or if we want to go away for a few days.

There are several places we actually start looking for and in no particular order. But, the first two things we needed to do was get the laundry done and get some groceries.

The laundry was easy since there’s a laundromat on site. Google searches are great when you can just say “grocery stores near me” or “dog boarding near me”. I kind of like Food Lion grocery stores and there happened to be two nearby. We also got a list of dog boarding places to check out by doing the google search for boarding places near me. Let me tell you, most of them look a lot better in the pictures! I think we spent 2 hours driving around looking at kennels. We found one that seemed ok. We checked it out by taking Sarge there for a few hours of “doggy daycare” while we checked out a little of Savannah. Sarge played outside the entire time we were gone, got a little muddy, they cleaned him up, dried him off and everybody was happy. So, that’s the one we’re going to stay with.

 The next google search was “churches near me”. We looked at a few online and found one to go visit. First impressions are very important when visiting a new church. I think this will be the right one for us while we’re here. Within minutes of us sitting down, several people came over and introduced themselves and at one point even the pastor made his way to us. We got invited to go on a lunch outing with a group to the Pirate’s House restaurant in Savannah. That should be fun and will give us a chance to meet and talk to more of the church members. And, the pastor preached from the bible which is important.

The next item on the list is finding a vet. Sarge is due for shots soon and we’ll need them updated to be able to board him. We’ll look for one near us, by asking for recommendations from our new church friends, visiting Vet websites and looking at their current reviews. 

Traveling to work camp has been an interesting experience, but we always have to go thru the process of finding new service providers and stores and a church to attend while we’re here.

So, if you’re considering traveling and staying in an area any length of time, plan on this activity of finding your new resources.

At first, it was a little frustrating, but now I find it interesting and a great way to discover a new place.

I’ll let you know about our Pirate’s House lunch and some of the other places we’ll be visiting in the next few blog posts.

 Here’s some useless information you don’t need to know —Some cats are actually allergic to humans.  It has to be true. I read it online :>) 


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