R V Teardown

We’re three days from tearing down and moving on to the next work camping site at Creekfire R V resort in Savannah.

Our 10 week stay here in Milton has been good. We got to spend time with family and friends and be back at our home church. We’re going to miss them all very much.

Tearing down an R V takes a little time but we’re getting the process down to where it doesn’t take us too long now and to where we only forget one or two things we should have done before we pull out.

It’s not the obvious bigger things we’re forgetting now. The water hose, electric, sewer and cable are the easier ones to remember.  After those are unhooked, the pictures and clock has to come off the wall. Then we bring the slides in.  Anything that’s loose needs to be placed where it won’t go sliding around.  We usually forget to secure one of the two sliding doors or make sure all the cabinet doors are closed tightly.  If they’re not, when we’re driving along, the doors start sliding back and forth and cabinet doors start opening and closing and things start falling out and sliding around inside.  

We also have to make sure we got everything that was outside put away somewhere and all the basement doors secured.  We’ve gone down the road before and noticed one of them swinging open.  Actually, another driver pointed that out.  Luckily, nothing fell out!

We need to make sure the awning is retracted and snug, the jacks are up and any boards we had under them are put away.

Once we get that all done, we fill a gallon jug of water to give to the dog later and pour some of the water out of his drinking bowl so it doesn’t slop around while we’re driving. We try to position his food, his bed and him so nothing spills and he doesn’t think he needs to help drive.  Although, he does like to look out the front window sometime.

When we’re towing our SUV, we hook up the tow dolly, get the ramps out, load up the SUV, put the tire straps on, make sure the tail lights work and the chain is secure and we’re ready to go.

Then at the end of the drive, since we forget to do it almost everytime, we stop and crank the T V antenna down.

I think this is a pretty good description of what it takes to tear down.

Setting up is pretty much a reverse of this with a few little extras, such as making sure the power is good before you plug into the campsite power.

Once you get to the new location the process begins of locating any services we may need or want such as beauty or barber shop, church, vet,  auto service if necessary, etc.  I’ll probably write about those experiences a little later.

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