Christmas in an R V

Like many people, we used to spend hours un-boxing and putting the artificial  Christmas tree together, testing the lights and hanging all the special memory ornaments. Then time was spent sorting out and checking the outside lights, setting up the ladders and hanging those lights. We spent time shopping for and wrapping the special Christmas presents and mailing those off for family that won’t be with us that year.

The tree, decorations and wrapping paper was usually stored in the garage or somewhere in the house; easy to get to.  And, we had room to sort everything out and a big table to use for wrapping gifts.

Now, this year, our first Christmas full time in the motor home, is totally different.

We are close to our storage unit this year and as luck would have it, the small Christmas tree we saved from all our donations and garage sales when we downsized was on top of a bunch of other boxes and easy to get. Another tub nearby had some lights in it and we were able to get two strings of lights out.   Half of one of the strings didn’t light, but this year, I really didn’t care or try to fix it.

So we carried these back to the motor home and set up the little tree between the driver and passenger seat, wrapped the lights around it and plugged it in.  I love the glow of Christmas lights in a darkened room. I didn’t need any other decorations on it.

Now, down to wrapping gifts… on a small little motorhome table. Only the gift and the paper for that gift can fit on the table.  The roll, the tape, and the scissors had to be on the counter by the sink.  But we got them all wrapped and then it came down to where do we store them until time to give them or ship them.  They went in the back of the SUV for awhile. Some got placed under our son’s tree and the others shipped off. Got these off early for a change.

At a craft store, I picked up a cool little battery operated string of lights. They change blink and change colors and fit perfectly strung around the inside of the windshield.  So, now we have a beautiful lit tree on the inside and lights that shine on the outside.

All this to say, with planning and patience, you can make things work in a motorhome.  It’s not always easy or convenient sometimes but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it if you want.  Just remember, whatever you get out, you have to put back, because there is no room to leave things laying around.  Clutter seems to build up very quickly.

Merry Christmas, Wherever you are!



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