Going to Next Work Site Soon

R V Life

We’re 12 days from Christmas and  I’m sitting here in a fairly remote campground beside my lit Christmas tree. Since we’re in Milton, where we have a storage unit, we were able to pull out the box on top that had our small Christmas tree and the other box nearby had a few strings of lights.  I didn’t want to dig around and find ornaments to hang on the tree and then have to put them back after Christmas before we leave so our tree just has lights and I love it.  We set it between the passenger and driver’s seat which is in our living room.  I love it.  I also found a battery operated string of flashing led lights that we put on the inside windshield of the motorhome.  It looks great.  We are the only decorated motor home in the campground. Of course, there’ s only 2 other campers here, not counting the 2 hosts.  But I love it!

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