Name Change

I decided to change my blog name after reading other blogs and looking at other blog names. It seemed to me that mine was a little challenging to find or cumbersome to type in searches. Since we are living full-time in the R V now, I have a tendency to write about things related to living and traveling full-time in an R V so I thought a name change would be appropriate. Also, we get a lot of questions about what it’s like living in an R V and where we’re living now. So this name seemed to fit a little better.

It took me several weeks to come up with a new name. I looked at a lot of blogs and wrote down several names.  One thing I learned while searching for a new name was to make sure to write down the names because the words will be combined for the site name. And you really don’t want them to read weird.  A couple weird ones I found online were these: Who Represents? reads like Whorepresents; Experts Exchange reads like Expertsexchange and one more was Therapist In A Box reads like Therapistinabox.   None of these are good. So as you can see writing them out is important.

Another thing to think about when choosing a name is making sure it represents your site clearly.  I think this one, does since we’re living full time in the R V and most of the time I’ll probably write about something related to living in the R V.   Two more things to consider is whether it will be easy to find in a search and is the name already taken. Hopefully, RVLife is pretty clear and when I decided on this I found that it was available. At this time, if someone clicks on the old name “Adayinthelife” it will still connect.

In some of the next posts, I’ll write about some of the concerns or challenges and rewards of living full time in an R V, work camping and traveling.

I look forward to reading comments and suggestions from all of you.

I hope you enjoy the posts.


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