A Day in the Life of Being Thankful

A Day in the Life of…

… Of a Thankful Person

Most of today’s blog is coming from our church sermon today.

There was a simple man who lived an average life according to today’s standards.  One day he received a notice that a great aunt passed away and left him $40,000. He was happy to receive that.  About a week later, another relative passed away and it was in his will that this man was to receive $20,000.   Then another week later, another relative passed away and left him $85,000.  It was not too long after that he ran into a close friend. The friend noticed that he was feeling down and asked him what was wrong.  He told him about receiving the $40,000, then the $20,000 and then the $85,000. His friend asked him then “Why are you feeling so low?”.  His response was, it’s been about 2 weeks and I haven’t received anything.

Is that us?  Do we forget to be thankful for what we have now and what’s been given to us or done for us in the past? All year long, but especially with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, is when we should remember, or be reminded of all that we have, all that has been done for us and all that we have become.

Life is full of choices. Most of us don’t choose to be unhappy, we just neglect to consciously make a choice to be happy. We just let things happen. Our days will be so much better if when we get up each morning we CHOOSE to be happy.

There are barriers to being happy and there are paths to take to help us make the choice to be happy.  Here are just a few brief tips.

Barriers to being Thankful

Affluence can be one; thinking we got this all by ourselves. No help from anyone or anywhere.

Pride – We think we can do it all ourselves and we don’t admit to mistakes

Our Circumstances – We don’t see a way out and don’t remember Who or what helped us before.

And, Complaining – Words are important. Negative words can bring you down. Positive Words can lift you up.  Your spoken words are the most important words you can hear. They can also help you see things the way they really are and not perceived in your negative mindset.

Paths to being Thankful

Consider your circumstances  Is it really that bad?  Who can help?  Have I done all I can, including prayer?

Write down all you’re thankful for Big and Small.  Do I have a roof over my head?  Do I have friends?  Did my feet hit the floor today?  Do I have people I love and people who love me?  Think about it and start writing. Once we do, we realize how blessed we are and how long our list becomes

Remember how far you’ve come since the last time you forgot to be thankful for all you have.

Take time to think about your life, list your blessings and truly enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.

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