A Day in the Life of a Work Camper

A Day in the Life of a Workamper …. Not working

I think I mentioned in my last post that the camp job we came back to Milton to work in did not work out for us.  The job was miles apart from what we agreed upon and we couldn’t come to an agreement so we pulled out. My understanding is that this doesn’t happen very often. I’m counting on that being true or it takes the joy out of work camping. In the meantime, we’re staying at another campground in Milton Florida. We decided to stay around here as long as we can but it turns out this location is completely booked from December until April. We’re staying through November but will be moving after that. Right now I have another location booked for December only. .One of our sons, our grandson, and daughter in law are here as well as some good friends and a church we like very well. We were counting on spending time with them. So far, It doesn’t seem like there’s another work camping position in this area, so we’re looking outside of work camping for something part time here until we move on to the next work camping location.  We should have that determined by January or February.

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