A Day in the Life…traveling with a dog

… of a Work Camper and a Work Camper traveling with a dog.

I have one more posts to make about Gettysburg since there is so much there, but first I want to tell you about this week.

Last weekend, we camped at Krul Lake State Campground in Munson Fl and set up as craft vendors for the Munson Heritage Festival. Camping there makes me really appreciate Cell service and WiFi!  They have neither!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful there and it is peaceful, and the festival is fun and interesting. But…   I felt totally disconnected.

Turned out we didn’t sell much either because many people were either personally affected by Hurricane Michael and couldn’t come or went to the disaster area to help out.

Monday we checked into our next work camping location, Sunburst R V resort in Milton, Fl which turned out to be way less than we hoped and we ended up pulling out after only 2 nights there. I guess that’s the beauty of having your house on wheels.  So now, we’re looking for a new place to work camp.  We are currently at a nice campground outside Milton called Cedar Lakes R V park.

Right after we first hooked up the power at the previous location, we discovered we were running on generator power only. Shortly after that, we had a puff of smoke come out around our oven. Turned out there were two things going on. The neutral wire in the power pole wasn’t connected.  And, the power inverter that is located under our sink had some grocery bags around it. Both of those things caused it to burn out.   The damage to the camper was a fried  inverter, a fried microwave, a fried TV, and a thermostat and refrigerator that don’t work properly.  We replaced the power inverter and purchased an outside surge protector so nothing shorts out again.  We had a microwave and TV in storage so my handsome and handy husband replaced those. The parts are on order for the refrigerator so, hopefully, we will be back to normal soon.

Now, let me tell you about traveling with a dog.  A big dog at that.  Driving the motorhome and pulling a car and traveling with a dog took us 2 days to get from Ohio to Florida. Traveling by car alone we could probably push it and make the trip in a day, but we didn’t this time.   After leaving, our previous work camping job in Virginia, we went to Ohio to spend time with family and friends.  We camped at Lake Loramie State Campground which is the closest to where we wanted to be so that we could get with friends and family more easily.   Here are some pictures from the Lake Loramie State Park, Ft. Loramie, Ohio.

Our dog, Sarge, travels in the motorhome with us. Generally, he does really good. This time not so much. I think he was out of sorts some.  With the slides in on the motorhome, the space to move around is less, but we put his bed behind the driver and passenger seats and he still has room to get to his food and water.  He is really good at letting us know when he needs to go out. Usually, he starts getting fidgety, then he lays his head on my lap, and when he really wants out, he starts pawing at me.  This time, he seemed to be fidgety the whole time, seemed to want out more and he didn’t eat hardly at all.  And he seemed to think he needed to stand up and look out the front window, which is ok if he stays back far enough but several times I had to push him back.  While we were in Ohio, we went to a wedding reception and we wanted a couple days without having to get back to let him out of the motorhome, so we had to find a place to board him.  Which we did.  After several days at Lake Loramie, we headed south and made it as far as Bowling Green Ky, avoiding any effects from Hurricane Michael the entire time.  Finding a campground entails searching the web on my phone as long as I had a cell signal and finding a campground not too far off the interstate, with passable roads ( no low bridges, narrow roads or sharp turns)  and that will take pets.  Without a dog, we could have stopped at any hotel along the way that had a big enough parking lot.  We stayed at Beech Bend Park, off I-65 in Bowling Green (798 Beech Bend Rd.) that we’re guessing had 500 campsites.  It was voted “Top 5 Kentucky Campgrounds”.  Pets were allowed, it had full hookups, WiFi, TV reception,  clean restrooms, showers, and a laundromat. These are very important if you’re spending any length of time there and it was within walking distance, to an Amusement Park and a Racetrack.  It was not full when we stayed there, but there were still a lot of campers there and it only cost us $48 for the night.  At check-in, they gave us a packet with a calendar of all the activities in the area, brochures, and maps.  We would definitely stay there again if we were in the area.

The next stop we made was at Rivers Edge Campground in Holt, Florida. Definitely Different. It’s not too far off I-10 near Milton, but it is definitely more rural. We had stayed there before, but this time they were almost full because of Hurricane evacuees. Full hook up was not available. We had water and electric, but no sewer. Pets were allowed and we did have TV reception.  The cost there was only $27.  Remember, with a dog, even if you feel like sleeping late because you traveled all day, he still wants to get out and pee early in the morning. And there you go, and you usually don’t get back to bed then either.

The last stop we made was at Krul Lake for the Heritage Festival.  Krul lake doesn’t allow pets. So, again, we called ahead and found a place to board him. While we were in Holt, we took the car off the trailer. That morning I drove Sarge from the campground to the boarder. Dave drove the motorhome to the new campground and I caught up him there.  After we tore down our display at the festival on Sunday, we’ve loaded up the camper with everything, I took the car to pick up the dog. Dave headed to the new campground and we met up there.


Sarge is 10 years old, and we love him, but life would be easier without him. We won’t be getting another dog after he’s gone.  We decided as long as we have him, if we want to do something, we will board him. We don’t want to become resentful of him holding us back from what we want to do.  And, he doesn’t mind being boarded ( most of the time ). Here’s a picture of Sarge.

Until next time….


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