Ending Work Camping Season

A Day in the Life …

Of a Work Camper

Work Camping at Lake Ridge R V Resort in Hillsville, VA. was our first-time work camping and it has turned out to be a pretty good experience.  It’s now coming to an end and although we’ll miss some of the people we’ve work camped with and some of the permanent staff, we’re anxiously awaiting our next adventure.  Here at Lake Ridge, we’ve been able to experience several things such as a participating in a campground gearing up for the main camping season – making reservations for family get-togethers, helping people plan their “stay-cations”, selling season passes,  assisting in getting the pool cleaned and ready for  the Memorial Day opening, working in the camp store and the working with the planned activities.  Dave worked in maintenance and helped with some of the renovations as well as many other things and he learned to operate a zero turn mower ( which isn’t as easy as it looks).

Since we’ve been here we’ve been able to take some side trips too.  Hillsville is in the western part of Virginia it’s a very pretty area. There are lots of hills ( thus the name) and curves on every road. The campground is at a pretty high elevation and you can look out and see some of the surrounding mountains.  It’s located close to North Carolina and Tennessee, so while we were here we made a couple “out of state” trips. I started making a list of all the places we visited since we arrived here.  I won’t bore you with listing them here.   One of our sons and his family live in North Carolina so we got to visit with them a little more than we normally would.  And we had some friends and family come stay with us, which was great.

Most work camping seasons run from October 1 to April 1. Since we are taking a trip to Ohio before heading to our next work camping site in Milton, Florida, we won’t get there until October 15.  Some of the far northern campgrounds may have a little shorter season, such as May to September.

Here are some pictures I took and from the Lake Ridge RV resort website, www.lakeridge.com  If you get a chance take the time and spend a few days there.  If you don’t have an R V there are cabins available.

More about work camping in the next blog post.


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