Hillsville Virginia Flea Market

A day in the Life…

… Of a Non- Flea Market Shopper

We are currently work camping at an R V  resort near Hillsville, Virginia.  Twice a year this little town of about 2700 people hosts a flea market. The first one is Memorial Day weekend. The second one is Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t find stats on the Memorial Day weekend, but I read that the Labor Day weekend had approximately 500,000 visitors.   Memorial Day looked to be about a third the size of this one. This event is billed as one of the largest events on the East Coast. Local hotels and campgrounds for miles around are booked full.

Lake Ridge R V Resort has been booked for months with a 4-night minimum stay and full payment in advance required.  Although the campground was completely full, there weren’t that many people on site. Most were at the flea market.

Every empty spot in town was either filled up with tents or rented for parking. Although we didn’t go to the flea market we had to drive through town once. It took a while to get through and I took some pictures as we did.

Look how full it was.


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