Freemont Street

A Day in the Life…

…Of a tourist to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and one who has experienced THE Freemont Street of Las Vegas.

I have this post and one more from our trip to Las Vegas.  I  think, if you make the trip sometime, these are some things you don’t want to miss.

This post was going to be about our visit to the Hoover Dam and the Freemont Street Experience as well as the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop which is downtown Vegas, real close to Freemont Street, but I’ve decided to put the Hoover Dam in the next post.

Freemont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas and the very first one with a traffic light. It’s been closed to street traffic since 2016 when construction on the Freemont Street Experience began. It’s the street on which Las Vegas was founded.  Our hotel, the 4 Queens, is located right on Freemont Street.  Golden Nugget and Binions are just across the street. Inside the Golden Nugget, there’s a very unusual swimming pool.  In the center of the pool is a big aquarium filled with fish including a sizeable shark. Going through the aquarium is a tube that allows swimmers to slide through from one side of the aquarium to the other. In doing so they appear to be part of the aquarium.


Freemont street is covered and is over 1500 feet long and has 3 stages. While we were there, two of the stages had Dancing DJs, who were pretty good,  and one of them had a live band who was also pretty good.  One day, while we were there, Molly Hatchet was on stage. There are many street performers.  I’m not sure how they get their assigned “circles” but each street performer has a circle they need to stay inside of while “performing”.


This guy lets people pose him in some position and he stays there until the next person pays to pose him in another position.

Some “street performers”  are just there so they can get you to pay them to take your picture with them. Chippendales were there too, but I didn’t get their picture.


These two were “dressed”  in show costumes and had their pictures taken several times while we were there.


This guy didn’t have too many people take their picture with him.  He didn’t want me taking his picture and covered his face when I did so.  He was “dressed” in a bunny costume. Notice the bunny ears?

Besides all the casinos on the street, there are many things to do and see on the street.  The street is covered with something that looks like steel mesh.  High above the street are two zip lines. One is called the Superman zip line and is higher and longer than the other one that is a sit down one.  In both of the ziplines, you’re harnessed,  but in the Superman one, you are laying down, flying through the air supposedly like Superman.  We chose to do the sit down one, but you still are flying high over the street below.   


Here we are after we landed on the other end.  Notice we’re smiling and arrived all in one piece.  The pictures as we zip lined overhead weren’t very clear. This is the one we purchased.

Every hour, Viva  Vision, projects a 6 minute light show on the Freemont Street ceiling. It’s a surprisingly fascinating show.  The street full of people all seem to stop and all heads are turned up watching the show.  It’s very impressive.


The city buses, the local shuttle bus, and the Grey Line tour bus all stop right around the corner from Freemont Street. One of the stops the local shuttle bus makes is at the Gold and Silver Pawn shop.  The shop is not very big so they only let a few people in a time.  People line up outside under the misters that help keep you cool while you wait.  Our wait was not very long.  No, Rick and Chumlee were not there. But Mark from the Clark County Museum was and we were able to get our pictures taken with him.


Here are a few more pictures from Fremont Street.


The next post will be about our visit to Hoover Dam.


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