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Getting around Vegas isn’t hard if you leave your car at home. In the previous post, I told you we stayed in downtown Las Vegas. From the airport, there are many ways to get to your hotel. Some of the hotels have their own shuttle that will come to pick you up. Ours did not. There are taxis available and there is another bus line that has several shuttles that will hold about 20 people and stops at various hotels.  This is the one we took to our hotel. You can buy a pass for that bus line right as you exit the airport door for Ground Transportation. I think it cost about $20.  It’s less expensive than a cab but it takes you longer to get to your hotel.  For us, that was fine because we had never been there before and we enjoyed the tour.

Our hotel was right on Freemont street. I’ll write more about THE FREEMONT EXPERIENCE in a later post. Within about 2 blocks of our hotel is one of the city bus stations.  Two different buses stop there. One is called Deuce and the other is Wax.  They both cost $8 for 24 hours. You can hop on and off at any stop. The difference between the two buses is the Wax is an express bus so although it does basically the same route it doesn’t make as many stops. The wax is the best one to take back to the airport.

There’s a free shuttle that runs around downtown Las Vegas that will take you to several places including the Mob Museum and the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop you see on TV.

We never had to wait very long at any of the bus stops.  Ride tickets can be purchased at the kiosks beside the bus stations.

We took the Deuce bus to the Vegas strip a couple times so we could see the casinos and hotels. We took that bus to the end of the Strip, went in and out of a couple hotels and casinos, hopped back on the bus went down a couple more bus stops, hopped off and checked out a few more.  They are not as close as they look!

When we got tired of the walking and the heat we took the bus back to Freemont street and chilled out in the hotel room for a while.

All the buses were nice and clean and the people were very friendly.  One of the bus stops even had a friendly worker there to answer any questions about where we were trying to go or when the bus was arriving

It’s a great way to get around.


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