Gettysburg National Cemetery

A Day in the Life of …

… Of a Visitor to the Gettysburg National Cemetery

Very Close to the Gettysburg National Military Park’s Visitor Center is the Gettysburg Cemetery.  This is the final resting point for 3500 union soldiers killed in the battle of Gettysburg.

There are monuments throughout the cemetery and the battlefield dedicated to both the union and the Confederate soldiers.  Pictured below are a few of the monuments located in the cemetery.  There are many, many more to see.

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Gettysburg Cyclorama

A Day in the Life…

… Of a Visitor to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The site of the most significant civil war battle was fought in 1863  in the fields surrounding the little town of  Gettysburg PA. At that time the town had 2400 residents.  Today, the town has a population of 7700 residents and is the home of the Gettysburg Cyclorama, the Gettysburg Museum, the Gettysburg  National Cemetery, and the Gettysburg Battlefield part of the Gettysburg National Military Park as well as many other historic homes and sites.

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Ending Work Camping Season

A Day in the Life …

Of a Work Camper

Work Camping at Lake Ridge R V Resort in Hillsville, VA. was our first-time work camping and it has turned out to be a pretty good experience.  It’s now coming to an end and although we’ll miss some of the people we’ve work camped with and some of the permanent staff, we’re anxiously awaiting our next adventure.  Here at Lake Ridge, we’ve been able to experience several things such as a participating in a campground gearing up for the main camping season – making reservations for family get-togethers, helping people plan their “stay-cations”, selling season passes,  assisting in getting the pool cleaned and ready for  the Memorial Day opening, working in the camp store and the working with the planned activities.  Dave worked in maintenance and helped with some of the renovations as well as many other things and he learned to operate a zero turn mower ( which isn’t as easy as it looks).

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A Day in the Life…

… Of someone with a new appreciation for Country Music

Yesterday, I made my second visit to the Birthplace of Country Music in Bristol.  I went earlier this summer with my three granddaughters and their other grandmother. We all really enjoyed it.  I didn’t want my husband to miss this and we’re leaving the area soon so this time, Dave and I went, and again, it was very enjoyable.

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Hillsville Virginia Flea Market

A day in the Life…

… Of a Non- Flea Market Shopper

We are currently work camping at an R V  resort near Hillsville, Virginia.  Twice a year this little town of about 2700 people hosts a flea market. The first one is Memorial Day weekend. The second one is Labor Day weekend. I couldn’t find stats on the Memorial Day weekend, but I read that the Labor Day weekend had approximately 500,000 visitors.   Memorial Day looked to be about a third the size of this one. This event is billed as one of the largest events on the East Coast. Local hotels and campgrounds for miles around are booked full.

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Freemont Street

A Day in the Life…

…Of a tourist to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and one who has experienced THE Freemont Street of Las Vegas.

I have this post and one more from our trip to Las Vegas.  I  think, if you make the trip sometime, these are some things you don’t want to miss.

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More about Vegas

A day in the life of…

…  a Vegas visitor

Getting around Vegas isn’t hard if you leave your car at home. In the previous post, I told you we stayed in downtown Las Vegas. From the airport, there are many ways to get to your hotel. Some of the hotels have their own shuttle that will come to pick you up. Ours did not. There are taxis available and there is another bus line that has several shuttles that will hold about 20 people and stops at various hotels.  This is the one we took to our hotel. You can buy a pass for that bus line right as you exit the airport door for Ground Transportation. I think it cost about $20.  It’s less expensive than a cab but it takes you longer to get to your hotel.  For us, that was fine because we had never been there before and we enjoyed the tour.

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