Las Vegas

A day in the life of a…

non-gambler and non-drinker visiting Las Vegas for the first time.

So, why go to Vegas. Isn’t the point of going to gamble,  lose money and drink a lot?  Well, it doesn’t have to be. We had never been there before but I’ve always wanted to see what it was like and see what these casinos and hotels we’ve heard so much about actually look like. We were there about 5 days so I’m going to share some of what we saw and post some pictures in the next few blogs.


At the recommendation of a friend, we stayed in Downtown Las Vegas which is the older part of Vegas.  The Iconic Vegas. The bright neon signs Vegas. The Vegas made famous by performers such as Sinatra and mobsters such as Bugsy Siegel.


.  We stayed at the 4 Queens hotel on Freemont St.  The 4 Queens is one of the few hotels left in Vegas that does not have a resort fee.  Most of the hotels charge a  resort fee. Some of the ones I saw charged $40 + per night in addition to the normal room rate.  Our very nice 2 queen bed room, with a refrigerator and safe was around $65 per night – plus tax and came with several half-off coupons for the Magnolia restaurant on site and one for Binions, their sister hotel across the street.  We would recommend it to anyone. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They gave us maps, explained the bus system ( which is great by the way ), and gave us some dining suggestions. The bellman got us set up for a tour to Hoover Dam and walked us over to the bus stop where the Gray Line bus would pick us up.  And then, there’s the Freemont Street Experience!  More about it and many of the other atttractions in the next Vegas posts.


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