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Although this post doesn’t only apply to RVs, I decided to post it under RV owner repairs It seems that every repair or maintenance you do on an RV seems to cost more than what you would pay on an automobile even for similar repairs.


We had hazy headlight lens covers on our Toyota Van. We tried to replace just the lens covers but found out that just a new lens cover part couldn’t be found. We looked online at several different websites and auto parts stores with no luck. We chose a website, went online, found a couple of choices,  put in our VIN, and ordered 2 new headlight assemblies. We took our old lights out, tried to put the new ones in and then found they didn’t fit. So, back to the drawing board. We called the online company, returned the lights and ordered a different set. The customer service rep assured us that based on our VIN , this set would work. Once again, we took the lights out and tried to install the replacements and again, they didn’t work. We had four connections, the new lights had three. We returned that set of lights. We found another company and ordered them again. Same problem. We returned those and went to a Toyota dealer. He searched online and couldn’t find replacement lights for us either.  Couple weeks later we happened to run into someone who said the lens cover could be buffed out. We had heard of that but had also heard it didn’t work. One day when we drove past a body shop we had used before we stopped in and asked them about light replacement. He said he’d check into it but could buff out the lenses for us and we’d be happy with them. We scheduled it, paid him $80 and we were happy with them. Now we’ve noticed that the motorhome headlights are getting to the same condition. As you may know, everything in any type of recreation vehicle costs more. And, when you live in an RV, there are water lines, sewer lines, cable, electric and internet cables that are hooked up and lots of things to pick up and put away when you pull out.  So it’s a big decision to decide to pull out to get some repairs done.  We decided we didn’t want to take everything apart to take it somewhere to get the light covers buffed out.  So, why not buff them out ourselves?  Off to Lowe’s we went. Dave bought the buffer attachments for a right angle grinder he has here. Turned out these attachments didn’t fit the grinder we had here. So back to Lowe’s to return those. We ended up buying a scratchy pad . And some Turtle Wax polishing compound and buffing them ourselves, by hand.  .  We used the light formula of the Turtle Wax. We may have been able to use a stronger turtle wax formula but wanted to make sure we didn’t scratch them and make them look worse.  Dave put some of the turtle wax on the scratchy sponge and applied it in a circular motion on the lenses 


and after a couple “treatments”, they came out pretty good.  I should have taken a before picture but here is the after picture.  

All this was done for less than $10 (not counting Dave’s labor) and a couple trips to Lowe’s. Good choice to do it ourselves.


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