A  Day In The Life Of…

… A Work Camper/ Blogger severely feeling the lack of  Internet Service

I haven’t been able to post anything for several days now and it’s been VERY Frustrating! The campground supposedly has WIFI but it hasn’t worked much since we’ve been here.   For the last couple years, we’ve had internet service so we didn’t rely much on our Verizon Data plan. We were barely using what our plan covered. We even reduced the data on our plan.  A few days ago, I had to increase our data amount. We have one more day to go on the plan and have 1 gig left.  At first, I thought the problem with the campground WIFI may have been the weather because it was overcast for several days, but that wasn’t it.  The campground manager said it had something to do with the way something was turned. It was down instead of up. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.  He called the service company every day for a week or so and kept saying we should have coverage back tomorrow.  That went on for several days. Then they said it was a problem with the connection page and gave us a new password.  That was supposed to solve the problem.  Service lasted a couple hours at most.  So, I called Century Link to get our own service.  They can’t come for another week, but at least we’ll have reliable internet when they do get us hooked up.  Since we’re only going to be here a few months, their no-contract plan works great for us.

I’ve been working in the office here at the resort. It’s not really an office tho’. It’s a store with a big counter and three computers. We take reservations, check campers in, rent the golf carts, sell store merchandise and answer questions about the campground, the activities, and the area.

Everyone’s been very busy getting ready for the start of the season. Everything kicks off Memorial Day. That’s the day the pool opens, all the activities are in full swing and one night every weekend there’s either karaoke or a band.

Today, Sunday, Dave and I drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 25 miles.  It’s very scenic and has some “Pull Off Overlook Places”.   We could see for miles. The ground and the trees are a very lush green color and the outline of the mountains in the background just make it a magnificent view.  On the whole drive, it seemed we were either going up a hill, down a hill or around a curve.  Needless to say, the Blue Ridge Parkway is not a speedway.  We wanted to go over to Mt. Airy to pick up some tourist information and brochures on what’s available in the area.  We’ve got some friends stopping in to visit us and stay 2 nights in the cabins here while they’re on their way to Maine.  We thought it may be a fun thing to go over to the Mt. Airy of the Andy Griffith show and see some of the exhibits and eat lunch in one of the restaurants or diners there. The tourist center was open for a little while yet when we got there on this late Sunday afternoon, so we got some information and think it may be fun to go back and look around.   We also found some other places we want to visit before we leave in the fall.  Most of the places close to us seem to be in North Carolina, but there are some in Virginia we want to check out too.   I’ll write about the places we visit in future blog posts.



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