A day in the life of…

A Work Camper.

I started working this past Sunday morning in the office/store. There wasn’t much to do on a Sunday morning, but I was training so slow is better She showed me how to do almost everything but until you actually do it a few times, it’s not really learned. We had a couple young customers who came in and bought some gum or candy. A couple who came in and bought some ice cream. One couple came in and checked on a possible future cabin rental and one lady called to see if the pool was open.  It was 58 degrees out and the wind was blowing hard!  Not sure what she wanted to do in that kind of weather, but the pool isn’t open anyway yet.  And, we closed early. So overall, basically, kind of a boring day. But it was a beautiful day. There are lots of hills all around us and you can see mountains in the background in about every direction.

They are doing a lot of improvements here at Lake Ridge.  From what I understand someone from Texas owns this and 10 other R V resorts like it. The previous managers didn’t put much effort into keeping this property updated.  Now there are new managers and the owner is putting some money into the property.  They’re making a lot of good improvements.  Just a couple are checking the pool for leaks and power washing and cleaning around it and they are adding sever more arcade games to the community center.  They made new decorations/obstacles for the Putt-R-Golf game.Over the winter they built over 100 new picnic tables. Dave’s been working 4 full days now.  Yesterday, he helped clean up several areas that leaves and branches had piled up for quite a while.  And, he helped put the new pieces in the Put-R-Golf.  I’m not sure what he’s doing today other than helping to fix a leak somewhere. I am off for a couple days but come Mother’s Day, I guess the race is on.  The Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, there are 17 check-ins. The Friday before there are 75!

Right now, I’m sitting in the laundry room waiting for a couple loads of clothes to get dry. I forgot how much laundry mats cost! It’s been a long time since I had to use one

Sunday after my short day working, it had warmed up and the wind calmed down. Dave found a mountain we could hike up. It’s called Buffalo Mountain. I think Dave said its

3971 feet. Since we didn’t see any buffalo, I have no idea where that name came from.  We had to drive part way up the mountain to a small parking lot and surprisingly there were a few cars already parked there. It was not a bad hike. It took us about 45 minutes or so to hike to the top. We only stopped a couple times. I didn’t even start breathing hard until the very last turn and hill climb. And, it was actually a short hike on that turn.  Dave did great. He just had heart surgery in February. He’s been off work since then and has been going to rehab three times a week, so he’s actually in pretty good shape. Much better than me!

I’m adding some pictures this time and will try to keep adding some as I can or we see something cool.

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