A Day in the life of…

New Work Campers who just arrived for their first gig at the R V resort.

We could have come in yesterday, but we had told them we’d be here today so we stayed at Pioneer Village R V Park in Max Meadows, Virginia.  I think it was less than an hour away. It was ok, but we wouldn’t stay there again and it was not easy to get in to.  Once you made the turn off the main road, we had to go up a high hill on a hard gravel road with a little curve in it, down the hill and then up another one and down it into the campground.  On the way in there was a sign that said: “Go Slow or you’ll be shot and buried.”  Not very welcoming and in no way were you going to go fast on that road!  Once we were in, it was very pretty. There was a nice river on two sides of the campground.  I even happened to see ducks swimming around. Very serene.  On the third side of the campground, at the top of a hill, is Interstate 77 and then there’s the big tall hill we came in on on the other side. Even with the interstate highway right there, it wasn’t too noisy. I guess because we were down in a valley. I tried to take some pictures, but I was having trouble getting my camera phone to zoom in so everything just looks like some green grass or a hill with a few trees.  You couldn’t see how pretty it really was.

Around noon we arrived at Lake Ridge R V Resort.  Totally different. A nice big sign welcoming people into the resort and asking people to “ Please drive slow. We love our children”. Still hilly, but we are in HILLSVILLE, Virginia.  I’ve been working on my camera phone using skill, so with the next posts, I hope to have some pictures.This place is really nice.  When we met the managers, they were very friendly and accommodating.  We met another couple of people who are also work campers.  We haven’t seen everything yet, but so far we visited the main building that has a nicely stocked store, an activity room that has 4 pool tables, air hockey table, some other arcade games, a craft room, a pottery/ceramics room, a stage with some pretty sizeable speakers and it looked like a karaoke set up. There’s a room with a bunch of tables and chairs, a large concession/food counter and this opens out to the pool and the water slide that comes into it and I think the laundry room is attached in the back.  We also saw a putt-putt course, horseshoes, and corn hole games.  They have golf carts to rent and a lake to fish in.  I think we’re going to enjoy being here.  I think these managers have only been here a couple years and have been working hard to make this place nice.

The park has a lot of permanent sites that people have made really nice, some cabins that can be rented and a lot of campers. They expect to start getting filled up before too long.  It’s a very big place. You can check out their website at  www.lakeridgerv.com 

So far everyone we’ve met seems very friendly too. Which was just demonstrated to us again a few minutes ago. The breaker went out on the box we’re plugged into outside. Dave went out to check it and a couple neighbors who outside came over and helped Dave get our power back.

We don’t know what we are actually going to be doing here yet.  Today, was the first day here and they told us to just get settled in and they gave us some paperwork to fill out.  I guess we’ll find out soon.  I’ll have more later. I think we’re about ready to crash for today.




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