A day in the life of…

two recently retired people and future work campers headed for their first gig.

Our first gig is in Hillsville, Virginia. We’ll be at Lake Ridge RV Resort,    www.lakeridgerv.com.   The pictures we saw online look good and the couple we’ve talked to seem really nice.  I don’t think we’ll be disappointed when we get there.

One thing we want to do shortly after we arrive in Virginia is to find a good “doggie daycare” or boarding place so we can do a few day trips to explore the area.  We were given a book about Virginia and Washington DC so we want to check out some of the places that are featured.  It will be a lot easier if we don’t have to be concerned about leaving Sarge, our 10-year-old Weimaraner, in the motorhome all day. We love him and will miss him when he’s gone, but it will be a lot easier to travel without him. He does pretty well in the motorhome and always lets us know when he needs a “potty break” which seem to be more frequent these days. He’s also a conversation starter at the campgrounds where we stay.  Just today, someone in a golf cart stopped to talk to him and pet him. Sarge loved it.   When he came by again, he stopped and Sarge went over and put his front two feet up on the golf cart, wriggled all over and licked the man a few times. The guy loved it. Hard to believe some people are afraid of him. Maybe it’s because of his size.  He is a little large – about 85 pounds.

We left the Children’s Home on Saturday the 21st. It wasn’t raining when we left, but it has rained every day since. We spent 2 days in Milton. We still had a few things to put in storage and we wanted to visit with our son, daughter in law and grandson and a few friends before we took off for Virginia. We went to church and Sunday School and got to visit with some friends there. One special couple is in the process of moving away also so they won’t be around the next time we come back. We hope to see them again sometime in our travels. We also got a chance to visit with some great friends at the Boys Ranch.

Since we think it’s important we both get comfortable driving the motorhome we take turns driving. Although, Dave’s turn is usually a little longer than mine.  We don’t want to get to the point where we’d be stuck if one of us couldn’t drive. But I’m the one who gets online and finds the places we want to stop.  We just need to remember to turn wide, start stopping sooner, remember the road really is wide enough (at least most of the time)  and don’t try to go under any low bridges.  One big aggravation is gas stations.  We run on gasoline. Many stations we could get in, but turning to get out is a challenge if not impossible.   Pilot stations are owned by the same guy that owns Good Sam and Camping World and we even get a discount there but we’ve driven past so many of those stations lately that we can’t navigate, They really need to make some changes since part of their business portfolio is camping related. They should be more aware of RVer needs.

We left the Children’s home in Tallahassee on Saturday and we left Milton on Monday. Our first night camping was Monday night in a nice campground outside of Chattanooga called Raccoon Mountain. Unfortunately, it rained the entire time we were there. They have several amenities that we would have used had we stayed more than one night and there is even a cavern on site for tours.  The day we left there were two bus loads of kids visiting and touring the cave. We would definitely stay there again if we were in the area.  The next day, today, raining again, I found a campsite off I-40, toward Sevierville, Tenn. It’s called Ripplin’ Waters. It has also rained most of today.  Since we don’t have to be in Virginia until Friday, we’re going to stay here tomorrow night also. Whether it’s raining again or not, we’re going to get out and do something tomorrow in the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg area. Even tho’ it’s been raining and we haven’t been able to do much, I’m really enjoying the “downtime” relaxing in the camper listening to the rain hit on the metal roof.

I’ll have more later.  And maybe I’ll even get some pictures posted. We did take one picture when we stopped for lunch at the Peach Park in Clanton Alabama, but it was so bad I didn’t want to post it. We were both squinting at the brief glimpse of sun and making weird faces, so it got trashed.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. 


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