A Day in the life of…

… A wife, mother, grandmother, and houseparent on her last day of work before retirement… well… semi-retirement.

Tonight at 9 PM I’m officially done. But we still have a lot to do before we move on.  Tomorrow, we are going to the last place where we were houseparents to visit with and say Goodbye to some of the staff and kids there.  Friday, there’s a retirement breakfast where we’re working now.  Wednesday and Thursday, we’re going to try to get the last of everything loaded up and taken to storage or placed in the motorhome… somewhere.  While I’ve been working by myself in a house with 5 kids this week, Dave’s been working hard sorting out what goes where and packing up stuff for storage and stuff that needs to go in the motorhome and figuring out what we’re going to do with the rest.  Who knew two people could have so much stuff ?!  We now have two storage units – one big one and one small one.  We donated a lot of stuff, but there’s still a lot. There are some things that really could go, but so much we either need to use later or need to keep such as pictures and family items.  And, in our apartment, we had a microwave, TV, lamps and a DVD player that came built in with the motorhome. We’ll eventually need those and they’re fairly new so we’re keeping them … and they’re in storage now.

After we visit friends in Live Oak and leave Tallahassee, we plan on spending a couple days in the Milton area and then we’ll head North toward Virginia and North Carolina. We’re not sure how long it will take to get to the Camp Resort where we’ll be workcamping.   It’s called Lake Ridge RV Resort in Hillsville, Virginia  – http://www.lakeridgerv.com.  It’s about 3 hours from where our oldest son lives in North Carolina. We look forward to spending more time with him and his family soon.

We’ll find out more when we get there about what kind of work they would like us to do. They talked about helping in the office or the store or with some improvement projects they were working on. In exchange for our full site hookup, we’re required to work 6 hours per week. Anything over that is paid.   Sarge, our 10-year-old Weimaraner is going with us as well. They said they like and welcome dogs there too.  I know we’ll be looking for a nice boarding place for him so Dave and I can take some side trips!

Once we get on the road, I plan to write more about the travel to and around there.  We plan on being there until October and then we’ll find another location in the south somewhere.

I also plan to write about some houseparenting things.  We spent a few years working with kids, mostly ranging from 8 to 17.  There’s some funny stories and situations and some sad and frustrating stories.   There are definitely some things I’m going to miss. I’d like to see how some of these family situations get settled and where some of these kids end up.  Will they finally get settled? Either with a new family? Or back with their own? Will they finish school? Then, what?  A lot of these questions will go unanswered anyway. We don’t always hear back from them once they move on.  Even when reunited with family, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.  Some of the things I won’t miss are… getting cussed out by an 11-year-old. or a mom that won’t get off the drugs, or children continually lying and stealing and not appreciating that’s done for them.  But all this ends tonight at 9 PM.

Thanks for reading. I plan to keep writing. Until next time,


                                                         Stay Positive. Work Hard. And, Make it Happen 


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