A Day in the life of…

New Work Campers who just arrived for their first gig at the R V resort.

We could have come in yesterday, but we had told them we’d be here today so we stayed at Pioneer Village R V Park in Max Meadows, Virginia.  I think it was less than an hour away. It was ok, but we wouldn’t stay there again and it was not easy to get in to.  Once you made the turn off the main road, we had to go up a high hill on a hard gravel road with a little curve in it, down the hill and then up another one and down it into the campground.  On the way in there was a sign that said: “Go Slow or you’ll be shot and buried.”  Not very welcoming and in no way were you going to go fast on that road!  Once we were in, it was very pretty. There was a nice river on two sides of the campground.  I even happened to see ducks swimming around. Very serene.  On the third side of the campground, at the top of a hill, is Interstate 77 and then there’s the big tall hill we came in on on the other side. Even with the interstate highway right there, it wasn’t too noisy. I guess because we were down in a valley. I tried to take some pictures, but I was having trouble getting my camera phone to zoom in so everything just looks like some green grass or a hill with a few trees.  You couldn’t see how pretty it really was.

Around noon we arrived at Lake Ridge R V Resort.  Totally different. A nice big sign welcoming people into the resort and asking people to “ Please drive slow. We love our children”. Still hilly, but we are in HILLSVILLE, Virginia.  I’ve been working on my camera phone using skill, so with the next posts, I hope to have some pictures.This place is really nice.  When we met the managers, they were very friendly and accommodating.  We met another couple of people who are also work campers.  We haven’t seen everything yet, but so far we visited the main building that has a nicely stocked store, an activity room that has 4 pool tables, air hockey table, some other arcade games, a craft room, a pottery/ceramics room, a stage with some pretty sizeable speakers and it looked like a karaoke set up. There’s a room with a bunch of tables and chairs, a large concession/food counter and this opens out to the pool and the water slide that comes into it and I think the laundry room is attached in the back.  We also saw a putt-putt course, horseshoes, and corn hole games.  They have golf carts to rent and a lake to fish in.  I think we’re going to enjoy being here.  I think these managers have only been here a couple years and have been working hard to make this place nice.

The park has a lot of permanent sites that people have made really nice, some cabins that can be rented and a lot of campers. They expect to start getting filled up before too long.  It’s a very big place. You can check out their website at  www.lakeridgerv.com 

So far everyone we’ve met seems very friendly too. Which was just demonstrated to us again a few minutes ago. The breaker went out on the box we’re plugged into outside. Dave went out to check it and a couple neighbors who outside came over and helped Dave get our power back.

We don’t know what we are actually going to be doing here yet.  Today, was the first day here and they told us to just get settled in and they gave us some paperwork to fill out.  I guess we’ll find out soon.  I’ll have more later. I think we’re about ready to crash for today.




A day in the life of…

two recently retired people and future work campers headed for their first gig.

Our first gig is in Hillsville, Virginia. We’ll be at Lake Ridge RV Resort,    www.lakeridgerv.com.   The pictures we saw online look good and the couple we’ve talked to seem really nice.  I don’t think we’ll be disappointed when we get there.

One thing we want to do shortly after we arrive in Virginia is to find a good “doggie daycare” or boarding place so we can do a few day trips to explore the area.  We were given a book about Virginia and Washington DC so we want to check out some of the places that are featured.  It will be a lot easier if we don’t have to be concerned about leaving Sarge, our 10-year-old Weimaraner, in the motorhome all day. We love him and will miss him when he’s gone, but it will be a lot easier to travel without him. He does pretty well in the motorhome and always lets us know when he needs a “potty break” which seem to be more frequent these days. He’s also a conversation starter at the campgrounds where we stay.  Just today, someone in a golf cart stopped to talk to him and pet him. Sarge loved it.   When he came by again, he stopped and Sarge went over and put his front two feet up on the golf cart, wriggled all over and licked the man a few times. The guy loved it. Hard to believe some people are afraid of him. Maybe it’s because of his size.  He is a little large – about 85 pounds.

We left the Children’s Home on Saturday the 21st. It wasn’t raining when we left, but it has rained every day since. We spent 2 days in Milton. We still had a few things to put in storage and we wanted to visit with our son, daughter in law and grandson and a few friends before we took off for Virginia. We went to church and Sunday School and got to visit with some friends there. One special couple is in the process of moving away also so they won’t be around the next time we come back. We hope to see them again sometime in our travels. We also got a chance to visit with some great friends at the Boys Ranch.

Since we think it’s important we both get comfortable driving the motorhome we take turns driving. Although, Dave’s turn is usually a little longer than mine.  We don’t want to get to the point where we’d be stuck if one of us couldn’t drive. But I’m the one who gets online and finds the places we want to stop.  We just need to remember to turn wide, start stopping sooner, remember the road really is wide enough (at least most of the time)  and don’t try to go under any low bridges.  One big aggravation is gas stations.  We run on gasoline. Many stations we could get in, but turning to get out is a challenge if not impossible.   Pilot stations are owned by the same guy that owns Good Sam and Camping World and we even get a discount there but we’ve driven past so many of those stations lately that we can’t navigate, They really need to make some changes since part of their business portfolio is camping related. They should be more aware of RVer needs.

We left the Children’s home in Tallahassee on Saturday and we left Milton on Monday. Our first night camping was Monday night in a nice campground outside of Chattanooga called Raccoon Mountain. Unfortunately, it rained the entire time we were there. They have several amenities that we would have used had we stayed more than one night and there is even a cavern on site for tours.  The day we left there were two bus loads of kids visiting and touring the cave. We would definitely stay there again if we were in the area.  The next day, today, raining again, I found a campsite off I-40, toward Sevierville, Tenn. It’s called Ripplin’ Waters. It has also rained most of today.  Since we don’t have to be in Virginia until Friday, we’re going to stay here tomorrow night also. Whether it’s raining again or not, we’re going to get out and do something tomorrow in the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg area. Even tho’ it’s been raining and we haven’t been able to do much, I’m really enjoying the “downtime” relaxing in the camper listening to the rain hit on the metal roof.

I’ll have more later.  And maybe I’ll even get some pictures posted. We did take one picture when we stopped for lunch at the Peach Park in Clanton Alabama, but it was so bad I didn’t want to post it. We were both squinting at the brief glimpse of sun and making weird faces, so it got trashed.

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. 

A Day in the life of…

… A wife, mother, grandmother, and houseparent on her last day of work before retirement… well… semi-retirement.

Tonight at 9 PM I’m officially done. But we still have a lot to do before we move on.  Tomorrow, we are going to the last place where we were houseparents to visit with and say Goodbye to some of the staff and kids there.  Friday, there’s a retirement breakfast where we’re working now.  Wednesday and Thursday, we’re going to try to get the last of everything loaded up and taken to storage or placed in the motorhome… somewhere.  While I’ve been working by myself in a house with 5 kids this week, Dave’s been working hard sorting out what goes where and packing up stuff for storage and stuff that needs to go in the motorhome and figuring out what we’re going to do with the rest.  Who knew two people could have so much stuff ?!  We now have two storage units – one big one and one small one.  We donated a lot of stuff, but there’s still a lot. There are some things that really could go, but so much we either need to use later or need to keep such as pictures and family items.  And, in our apartment, we had a microwave, TV, lamps and a DVD player that came built in with the motorhome. We’ll eventually need those and they’re fairly new so we’re keeping them … and they’re in storage now.

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…Of a new blogger.  Today, I’m starting my first blog.  It’s called “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A…” because the day of our life keeps changing, as anyone’s does. Today, A DAY IN THE LIFE …may be a new blogger, the wife of a man who just underwent a very serious surgery, tomorrow a House Parent of 8-10 foster kids, next week it could be the day in the life of a grandmother, followed by a traveler or RV work camper.

I chose WordPress to use to start the blog and the first thing that showed up on the site was the introduction … The Journey Begins. 

Our Journey actually began several years ago.  My husband of 46 years, Dave, and I both just retired…kinda. He will be surprised  I actually remembered how many years we’ve been married. I usually have to ask him.  We started life together fairly young by today’s standards and we think we’ve done alright. We have two great sons that are doing well and have families of their own. We’re not exactly where we thought we’d be at this age, but who is? There are lots of things we wanted to do and planned to do that didn’t happen or haven’t happened yet, but I heard someone say one time, You can do anything you want to do, you just can’t do EVERYTHING you want to do.  For one thing, there just isn’t time. For another, if you’re doing one thing that means you’re not doing something else.  But, we keep moving and keep finding more and more interesting things to do and do together.

One thing I’m doing now is starting a blog. It’s something I’ve thought about doing for a couple years. I enjoy reading other blogs especially about the new adventures of other people, so today it starts.

Well, not actually today.  It’s going to take a few days to catch up. I started writing this while sitting in Dave’s hospital room after he had open heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fl.  And, I started writing it AS IF we had already given our notice at the foster home organization where we were working.

While sitting there, I started thinking about what it’s going to be like when we give our notice and wrote this as if that day was the Today mentioned below.

I also wrote several different pages for the next posts while I was sitting there. Some of these will seem a little out of order at first.  But as of today, actually today, I have 3 more days of employment as a house parent.  Many things I will miss and some I will not.

So Here goes.  I hope you find these posts interesting.

Today, is the day we gave notice to “quit” our full-time jobs. We’ve been working as house parents for anywhere from 8-10 kids for about 3 years now.  We started with one organization with all boys and are ending with another organization that has sibling groups.

Giving notice mean’s it’s been a tense, but exciting day.  Through the years I’ve had several different jobs and I’ve always been a little anxious about giving notice. We want to leave on good terms. We like the people we work with.  People have been very good to us. But it always creates a hardship for them to find a replacement for us and cover for us until they do.

Notice has been given now. They were very gracious and understanding. There’s always a shortage of house parents. I’ll write about A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A …HOUSEPARENTS probably a few times in the upcoming blogs.

Starting a blog is a little tense and exciting too.  Who wants to read what I write? Well, I guess I’ll find out.   How do I get it started?  How do people know about it?  I googled starting a blog and I asked some friends on facebook. Even found out I have a brother in law that is a successful blogger,(along with everything else he does!). So, I’m going to take their information and what I’ve been able to find through searches and reading other blogs and learn as I go. Probably making some mistakes, I’m sure.

I plan to update my blog one to two times a week so I hope you plan to follow me or become a subscriber.

Today’s a short one for a starter.    See you the next time!